1st Geneva Nanomedicine Characterization Symposium 2021

According to the pandemic control measures, the event will be postponed. To protect the health of all participants the organizers will shortly announce a new date for the workshop.

Monday June 14 – Wednesday 16, 2021

University of Geneva, CMU, 1, rue Michel Servet, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland

Nano-scaled drug and vaccine delivery systems – called “nanomedicines - have been in the focus of fundamental research for more than 40 years. Several products of this class, due to their enhanced features with respect to efficacy and targeting, have been introduced into the market.

However, scientists as well as regulatory authorities involved are challenged by the complexity of such systems, and the lack of knowledge on which of their properties have a significant impact on their clinical performance.

With this symposium we would like to bring together renowned experts in the field of preparation and characterization of nanomedicines and junior scientists working or interested in the field. We would like to provide an information base as well as a discussion forum ensuring information exchange, scientific discussion and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. Two days of lectures by invited speakers and speakers selected from abstracts will be accompanied by one day of practical lab work addressing size determination by dynamic light scattering (DLS) and asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4). These courses will go beyond the beginner level and will be open, due to space restrictions, to groups of 5 participants only.

The organizing committee is aware of the high costs of housing in Geneva and will assist participants to find affordable accommodation for the duration of the symposium. We have also chosen for a more informal reception style “apéro” in the evening of the first day instead of a traditional dinner to increase interaction between the participants and attention given to the poster presented.

Organisation committee:
Cintia Marques, Allegra Peletta, Marija Petrovic, Anne-Françoise Witta, Gerrit Borchard